Individual Life  The Ultimate Act of Enduring Love

Thinking about our own mortality is not a topic anyone enjoys, but our own death is one of the few certainties in life. So why do 35% of Americans not insure their own life to make sure their family or loved ones are financially protected? While the number of reasons likely match the number of people not insured, the following are the most commonly heard

Reason #1 – I don’t have a need for life insurance.

Let’s be honest, this reason is by far the most common and for most people untrue. Unless you are an individual who does not have children, has money on hand to cover all debts and funeral expenses, and does not feel the need to offset the loss of their income to a spouse, leave any additional money to family, or to a charity, then it may be true, you don’t need life insurance. But few people have the funds readily available to fulfill all their wishes or meet their obligations after their death. At the very minimum, if you have anyone who relies on your income for their day-to-day needs like a spouse or children, or if you have debts like a mortgage, then you likely need life insurance.

Reason #2 – Life insurance is too expensive.

Monthly cost is based on preferred non-smoker rates. Your cost may be slightly more or less than what is listed based on underwriting. $150,000 coverage locked in for 15 years.

Age       Male          Female
25          18.42          15.92
35          19.86          17.89
40          26.03          22.09
45          32.07          26.16

Reason #3 – Life insurance is a hassle to get.

As Independent Brokers, we have access to many different life insurance companies that specialize in different areas. It is our job to find the best rate, product, and plan of benefits available for our clients.  Most of our life companies offer electronic applications, so no paper is necessary!

Reason #4 – I don’t know anything about life insurance and don’t know where to start.

By taking a few minutes to sit down with us, we can discuss your own personal situation and what may be best for you and your family. There is no obligation, and this is a chance to review your current situation. Life insurance is one of those things you never realize how important it is to a family until it is needed. Take a moment and call our office to set up a convenient time to meet.

                  Reasons for Life Insurance

                                        Pay final expenses

                                        Replace income

                                        Pay off mortgage

                                        College funding

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