Group Benefits
Medical Insurance

We offer many different carrier options, and quote these carriers annually to ensure that any renewals are still the best available option for your company.  We also specialize in designing and implementing health plans that are consumer driven, including HSA's and HRA's.  We believe that employee knowledge of benefits is essential for any benefits program to be successful, and will personally review the coverage with employees to confirm that they understand how their benefits work.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance has quickly become one of the most appreciated employee benefits today.  Employees see a direct value in being able to utilize the benefits at least twice annually.  Our carriers offer plan designs that suit employer needs, including 100% preventive coverage and plans with up to $2000 annual maximums.  Employees can see any dentist, but the plans offer discounts for in-network visits.

Vision Insurance

Another benefit that many employees utilize on an ongoing basis, and can be designed to have low co-pays for frames and lenses.  Employees are able to go in or out of the network and still receive benefits annually.

Short Term/Long Term Disability

Benefits that can be provided by employers that can vary from set amounts ($200 weekly) to percents of actual income (66 2/3%).  These types of coverage are meant to keep employees from financial ruin during unexpected times of disability.

Voluntary Group Life

Inexpensive term coverage, available to employees on a guaranteed issue basis.  Coverage is also available to spouses and dependent children.  Employees are able to "buy up" coverage amounts based on minimal underwriting.

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Employee Benefits offer employers a way to enhance the overall employee benefits package without adding direct costs to the company. Employees can pick and choose from among the employer selected Voluntary Employee Benefits products to create a customized package. In this way, the company is not adding costs for any benefit that some employees will perceive as having little value.  There is no employer contribution toward the costs of Voluntary Employee Benefits. These are individual benefits instead of group benefits and are wholly “owned” by the employee. Some benefits are paid for using Pre-taxed dollars, thereby lowering the employers FICA tax contribution and workers Compensation premiums.